Toughest state to get divorced

It looks like Arkansas is one of the hardest states to get divorced.  Statistics shown on show that it takes a minimum processing time of 540 days to get divorced in that state.  According to the statistics shown, Florida is a middle range state having a processing time of 200 days.  This statistic seems high if we are talking about an uncontested divorce.  For uncontested divorces we have been able to get people divorced in about 30 days from entering the agreement.  Depending upon the judge’s schedule 30 days from signing an agreement is possible.  If there is a contested divorce situation here in Broward County we find that a reasonable average is 6 months to a 1 year until a divorced is finalized.  Some contested divorces in South Florida could take less time and some could take more time.  The time in which it takes to get divorced  in Broward County really depends upon the complexity of the case and the willingness of the parties desire to settle.  At Schantz and Schantz we would be happy to discuss all of your options during a consultation.