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Despite rosy predictions about an improving economy, many American families still feel the pinch of the Great Recession, struggling to make financial sense of their lives in the wakes of layoffs, reductions in wages or hours, and foreclosures. Many families who struggle end up in bankruptcy court with a Miami bankruptcy lawyer, looking for relief through the judicial system and a way to wipe the slate clean and start over.
Hiring a bankruptcy attorney can help you protect your assets, advocate for yourself in court, and get the best settlement possible. Know what to look for in a lawyer and the right questions to ask to get the best legal assistance possible.

An attorney or a firm handles many cases at a time, but the only case that matters to you is yours. You need a lawyer you can reach easily and quickly to get your questions answered and to meet with you as often as needed. 

Ask the lawyer what the usual turn around on communication is and how the lawyer best communicates. You want someone who can communicate with you on your terms. So, if you prefer email, make sure your lawyer emails. If you prefer phone communication, make that clear as well.

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Empathy and Compatibility
Filing for bankruptcy takes an emotional toll and your confidence often takes a hit. Look for a lawyer who can empathize with your situation, not a lawyer who will lecture you about managing money or question your financial decisions.

In the same vein, you should get along with your attorney and have a sense that you can work well together. Working together, you will be more successful, and having a personal rapport or connection with your Miami bankruptcy lawyer can help make a case stronger.

Your Miami bankruptcy lawyer should have a solid history of experience working on bankruptcy cases. During the recession, many lawyers saw the rise in foreclosures and bankruptcies as a way to make a quick buck of people in vulnerable situations.

Look for an established firm that has focused specifically on bankruptcies since before 2008, when the financial crisis took root. These firms have shown a commitment to serving people facing bankruptcy not because it was profitable, but because the firms have a passion for it.

A firm’s experience should also include all manner of bankruptcies including Chapters 7, 11, and 13, and both business and personal bankruptcies. Firms that take on a wide range of bankruptcy cases have more tools and knowledge at their disposal to tackle your individual case with as many resources as possible.

Several national firms operate in multiple states. Their sheer size may make them seem like better firms. Oftentimes, those large national firms assign young, inexperienced and out of state lawyers to bankruptcy cases.

A local attorney who understands state law and the particular culture of your area means the local attorney can better represent you in court and will likely have more empathy for your case, more experience with local courts and provide more access to their services because of their investment in your community.

Filing for bankruptcy can change your life for the better even though it feels hard. Having the right Miami bankruptcy lawyer by your side can make the process easier so you come out whole on the other end.