January and February are the months of the year in which most divorces begin

Many people wait until after January 1st of each year to file their divorce in Florida.  Nobody could be blamed for not wanting to deal with a divorce until after the holidays.  Divorces are emotionally draining situations for both Husbands and Wives.  No matter how simple or complex if is a great idea for a person who needs a divorce to see a Florida Divorce Attorney who can inform them about  of their legal rights and obligations under Florida law.  Just because someone’s friend got divorced doesn’t mean they are qualified to give legal advice.  By law, the only person legally allowed to give legal advice in the State of Florida is a lawyer licensed by the Florida Bar.  Don’t assume your friend knows the law.  Comes see the divorce attorneys at Schantz and Schantz who will explain your rights.   For a free consultation we can be reached in Weston or Coral Springs (Parkland), Florida at 954-385-1536.