How do you protect children from a parent’s alcohol or drug abuse

So how do you protect children from drug or alcohol abusing parents?  With holiday’s in full swing, many parents with substance abuse problems cannot or will not stop using drugs or alcohol.  The holidays are the perfect time for people with substance abuse issues to let go of all inhabitations.  As everyone should be aware, America is awash in people suffering from opiate addictions.  Many times the drug or opiate abuse is so severe it impacts a parent’s ability to safely care for the children.  To be clear, drug addicted parents are in no position to mange or protect the welfare of children. Under no circumstances should a parent drive a child while impaired or intoxicated.   Most recently, we were able obtain a Court Order requiring an opiate abusing mother to go through random drug testing.  Through the efforts of our office the drug addicted mother  was ordered to under go constant urine and hair follicle drug testing.  For the first time in years the mother is finally drug free and our client’s child is no longer at risk.

To be clear, if a parent puts the safety of a child at risk due to drugs or alcohol you do not have to put your child at risk.  There are things that the Court can do to protect children from a drug or alcohol abusing parents.  We are here to help in any family law matter.  Feel free to give us a call at 954-385-1536.