Helpful tips when selecting a Divorce Attorney

Selecting the right Florida divorce attorney is a very important decision people must make in any divorce matter. When you come in for a consultation ask the lawyer some of these questions
How many years are you practicing divorce or family law?
Do you only handle divorce cases or do you do many different types of law?
Do you already work with experts that may have to be engaged in order to help me in my case?
What percentage of cases do you settle?
Have you gone before judges for a trial regarding my particular issue?
What retainer do you require and what is your hourly billing rate?
What is the law as it pertains to my situation?

After meeting with the divorce attorney ask yourself several questions.
Did the lawyer seem to care about my case?
Did the lawyer know the law?
Did I feel comfortable with the attorney or was I intimidated by them?
Did the lawyer listen to my problems?
Did the lawyer tell me the truth about my divorce or did they merely tell me what I wanted to hear. Remember, good attorneys always tell the truth.