Getting Divorced? Protect yourself online

When getting divorced the first thing you need to do is to protect yourself from online computer issues.  If you think a divorce is imminent the following steps should be taken immediately.

1.  Change all of your passwords for all bank accounts, email accounts, and social media accounts.

2.  Be very careful what is posted on social media.  Any thing posted on Facebook and Twitter can be used in court.

3.  Change your Apple ID and Cloud account passwords.

4.  Double check who you have as online friends.  Many times those people will relay private information that you thought was going to be kept private.  Assume anything you post online will be presented to a Judge.

5.  Do not bad mouth your spouse online as some information is better to be used in court rather than displayed on the internet.

6.  Sometimes setting up a new email account is the best way to protect yourself.

The point is to be careful when venturing out on the internet since you never know what can be used against you in court.