Drugs, Kids and Divorce

One of the many issues that comes up in a divorce matter with children is the fact that one spouse uses illegal narcotics or prescribed narcotics to excess.   It is easy to understand that a parent who wants  timesharing with their children cannot in any way justify the use of cocaine, heroin, LSD, ketamine or other similar drugs.  The problem becomes more difficult when a parent is using prescribed narcotics to excess.  As everyone should know the oxytocin’s of this world are very addictive and can be easily abused.  Recent medical articles have been asking doctors to prescribe these type of drugs less and less due to the danger of addiction.   Although drugs may be prescribed by a physician, a parent does not have the right to use these highly addictive narcotics to excess while caring for the children.  Recently, we worked on a case where the mother was abusing  the fentanyl patch. As the mother’s use of fentanyl presented a danger to the children we filed many motions in order to protect the children from the mother’s drug abuse. We believe this wake up call forced the mother to get help with her addiction.  In the end, we are happy to report that we helped our client protect the safety of the children.