Divorcing an Alcoholic or a Drug Addict

Divorce in Florida or anywhere else is not easy. When one spouse is addicted to drugs or alcohol, the process becomes more than just about money.   When one divorcing spouse is an alcoholic or a drug addict, the family and most importantly  the minor children can be negatively affected. Drugs and alcohol put a strain on everyone in addicted persons circle of friends and family. When divorce begins as a result of drug and alcohol abuse, you should obtain the advice of an experienced Florida divorce attorney.  If you live in Broward, Miami Dade, or Palm Beach Counties, our experienced divorce and family law attorneys are here to help.

Staggering divorce statistics

The statistics surrounding divorce and substance addiction are staggering. One research study has shown nearly one-half of all study participants who reported to have a substance abuse problem wound up getting divorced.  See the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions.  This study also points out that substance abusers with an alcohol abuse disorder are almost 20% more likely to divorce than casual drinkers.

When to Consider Divorce?

Nobody wants to walk away from someone they love.  That said, there are times when your spouse’s alcohol or drug abuse makes your life intolerable.  Ask yourself, is your life getting worse due to the drug or alcohol abuse in your house.  Have you reached the point where a divorce is your best option, and the safest thing for you and your children? It is important to recognize that there is nothing wrong with answering “yes” to any of these questions. When things get to the point of no return, divorce is sometimes your best to protect yourself and your children.

If Safety of Children  is an Issue the Court in a Florida Divorce can order Drug Testing

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your spouse is subject to drug testing if the safety of the children is at stake.  No one, including the Judge, would intentionally place children in danger.  Remember this, the “best interest” of the children is always the most important consideration when getting divorced in Florida.   Sometimes, you must take steps to protect yourself and your children.  If your spouse does turn to their substance abuse, the Court in a Florida Divorce will hold your spouse accountable. As the judge can order drug and alcohol testing, the results can be especially important as a factor in determining timesharing rights.

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