Weston and Coral Springs Child Support Attorneys

Weston and Coral Springs Child Support Attorneys

Your Weston and Coral Springs Child Support Lawyer at Schantz and Schantz will help you solve the issues of child support.  In Florida, child support is governed by Florida Statute 61.30.  This statute includes child support guidelines which mandate the amount of child support paid by one parent to the other.  The Florida Child Support Guidelines applies to divorces and paternity cases.

The amount of child support paid by one parent to the other is a combination of many complicated factors.  The child support factors includes each parents income, how many overnights they have with the children, cost of health insurance, whether or not a parent pays child support for other children, mandatory retirement payments, and several other factors.  The list of factors provided is not intended to detail every factor regarding child support in Florida.  The best way to find out how the child support guidelines affects you and your family is to schedule an appointment with one of the experienced family law attorneys at Schantz and Schantz.  Understanding what your child support obligation will be is best determined by working with an experienced Child Support Attorney, such as the legal professionals of the Schantz and Schantz Law Firm.

How Much Will I Pay In Child Support?

Your child support attorneys at Schantz and Schantz have access to the same software used by the Court when determining child support.  Knowing how to use that software will correctly and accurately evaluate your financial status and determine exactly what support you will be responsible for paying or what the amount of child support you should be receiving.

Child Support Enforcement

There are times when the court ordered support amount is not paid by the parent responsible for child support payments. If you have not been receiving the support payments that your child deserves, the Schantz and Schantz Family Law Attorneys can help. Our experienced team of family law attorneys can assist you in getting the payments you deserve by taking legal measures, including filing motions for contempt.  We can also have the court enter an income withholding order which assures that child support is taken right out of the paying spouses check.

Child Support Modification

It is not uncommon for a person’s financial status to change as their employment changes, financial difficulties take place, or other events occur. When this happens, there may be a need to Petition the Court for a modification of your Child Support. This needs to be done through the courts, so that a new Child Support Order can be entered.  Most importantly, if you are unemployed, child support does not modify until you have filed a Petition with the Court.  Even if you are unemployed and cannot pay, if you want a reduction in child support you must file a Petition with the Court!  Once the modification is filed the Judge can modify your child support obligation retroactive to the date you file.  Please be aware, if you do not file a modification of child support, under Florida law you owe the money.

The Schantz and Schantz Law Family law lawyers are ready to review the information you have available regarding your financial status change, and advise you if moving forward with a child support modification request is appropriate.

Whether you need assistance with a Florida child support calculation as part of divorce proceedings, first time support calculation, child support modification, or child support enforcement, we are here for you. Call us now at 954-385-1536 for a FREE consultation to help you determine if we are the right Child Support Lawyers for you