Alimony or Spousal Support in Florida

In Florida, a judge may issue an order for temporary spousal support (alimony) during the course of a divorce. In a final divorce judgment, the Judge may also order either spouse to pay spousal support on a permanent basis. Both the amount and duration of a court’s alimony award may vary on a case-by-case basis. On the other hand, if spouses have equal income the judge may not award any alimony to either spouse.

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Alimony Determination in Florida

Florida Statute 61.08 specifically states the law as it relates to alimony in the State of Florida.  For the last several years the Florida Legislature has passed bills dealing with alimony form.  To date, the Governor has vetoed all legislation changing Florida’s alimony laws.  At Schantz and Schantz our lawyers keep a close eye on the legislation as it relates Florida’s alimony laws.  To someone going through divorce there may be differences in amounts of alimony awarded from county to county.  More importantly, since we do not have alimony guidelines in Florida there are differences in alimony awards from courtroom to courtroom within the same courthouse.    Our family law attorneys at Schantz and Schantz and help guide you through the complexities of alimony laws in Florida.

Until the Florida alimony laws change, the standard for alimony will continue to be based upon one spouse’s need for alimony or support compared to the other spouse’s ability to pay. At present, Florida does not have a formula for alimony.  For this reason, there is no statutory schematic assuring uniformity of alimony awards throughout the State of Florida.

The Court can award temporary alimony, bridge the gap alimony, rehabilitative alimony, lump sum alimony and permanent periodic alimony.  The Judge could award all forms of alimony to a spouse or whatsoever.  Remember, the standard will always be one spouses need compared to the other spouse’s ability to pay.  The Judge will also take into account the length of your marriage.

Generally speaking, once alimony is ordered the amount paid may only be changed based upon a permanent, substantial, unanticipated set of circumstances.  The divorce lawyers at Schantz and Schantz can help you deal with the court system as it relates to your ability to either protect your alimony or help you modify or terminate alimony based upon a change in your job, salary, or retirement.

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